Spring Wedding Florals: Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blooms

Spring Wedding Florals: Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blooms

Spring is an amazing time to get married, and with it comes the opportunity to choose beautiful spring wedding flowers. But with so many different flowers to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That's where I come in! In this blog post, I'll guide you through choosing the perfect flowers for your spring wedding.

Crafting Your Look

The first step in choosing spring wedding flowers is to decide what kind of look you want. Do you want a classic, romantic look? Or something more modern and edgy? Once you know what you're going for, you can start narrowing down your choices.

If you're looking for a classic, romantic look, you'll want to choose flowers that are soft and delicate, like roses, lilies, and tulips. If you're looking for something more modern and edgy, you might want to choose flowers that are bold and colorful, like dahlias, sunflowers, and hydrangeas.

Another important factor to consider is the time of year your wedding is taking place. If your wedding is in early spring, you'll want to choose flowers that are just starting to bloom, like daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. If your wedding is in late spring, you'll want to choose flowers that are in full bloom, like lilies, roses, and peonies.

Picking Your Budget

Of course, budget is always an important factor to consider when choosing wedding flowers. If you're on a tight budget, you can still get beautiful flowers without spending a fortune. There are plenty of affordable flowers available, like daisies, sunflowers, and zinnias.

If you have a little more to spend, you can choose more expensive flowers, like roses, lilies, and peonies. But no matter what your budget is, there are plenty of beautiful flowers to choose from.

Planning Your Arrangements

Once you've chosen your flowers, it's time to decide what types of arrangements you need. There are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding flower arrangements. You can choose traditional bouquets, cascading centerpieces, or even unique arrangements made from unexpected materials.

If you're not sure how to arrange your flowers, there are plenty of inspirational resources available, like books, websites, and Pinterest that can help you create the perfect arrangements for your wedding. Florists like myself can also help to provide guidance and recommendations on what types of flowers and arrangements will be perfect for your big day.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing spring wedding flowers:

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match different types of flowers.
  • Choose flowers that you love, no matter what anyone else says.
  • Don't forget about the greenery! Evergreens like pine boughs and boxwood can add a touch of elegance to your wedding flowers.
  • Have fun and be creative! Wedding flowers are a great way to express your personal style.

I hope this guide has been helpful in choosing the perfect spring wedding flowers. With a little planning and effort, you can choose beautiful flowers that will make your wedding day truly special. If you want to learn more about working with Diana Dreger Designs to bring your wedding floral dreams to life, contact me today.

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