Sustainable Summer Blooms: Eco-Friendly Beauty for Your Wedding or Event

Sustainable Summer Blooms: Eco-Friendly Beauty for Your Wedding or Event

Summer's vibrant colors and warm sunshine inspire beautiful weddings and events. But along with the desire for stunning florals comes the responsibility to make mindful choices for our planet. Here's how to incorporate gorgeous, sustainable summer flowers into your celebration:

Embrace the Season:

  • Locally Sourced: Skip the long-distance travel and carbon footprint. Opt for flowers grown close to your venue – they'll be fresher, last longer, and support local farms.
  • Seasonal Stars: Summer boasts a bounty of blooms – sunflowers, lilies, zinnias, dahlias – each offering unique shapes, textures, and colors. Celebrate the season and its natural beauty!

Go Green (Literally):

  • Foliage Power: Don't underestimate the elegance and visual interest greenery adds. Lush leaves, ferns, and branches create a natural foundation for your arrangements.
  • Think Beyond Blooms: Fruits like berries, lemons, or even artichokes can add pops of color and texture while minimizing reliance solely on flowers.

Sustainable Practices:

  • Recycled & Repurposed: Get creative with containers! Use vintage vases, reclaimed wood boxes, or even woven baskets for a unique and eco-friendly touch.
  • Minimal Waste: Learn about "flower donation" programs. Leftover blooms can be donated to hospitals, senior centers, or even composted for future use. As a florist, I can help you find a great option! 

Working with Your Florist:

  • Communicate Early: Discuss your sustainability goals from the start. As a florist, I can guide you towards locally sourced, seasonal options that fit your vision.
  • Embrace Imperfections: Natural variations in locally grown blooms add charm and character. Celebrate the uniqueness of each flower instead of demanding uniformity.

Sustainable Beauty Doesn't Have to Compromise Style:

By choosing sustainable summer flowers, you're not just making an eco-friendly statement, you're also supporting local businesses and creating a truly unique aesthetic. With a little planning and creativity, your summer event can be a stunning celebration of nature's beauty – all while keeping the environment in mind.

Bonus Tip: Consider incorporating potted plants or herbs into your centerpieces as guest takeaways. They'll continue to bring joy long after the event!

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