Welcome to Diana Dreger Designs

Welcome to Diana Dreger Designs

With a new website, a curated collection of home decor, and a deeper passion for design, 2021 is off to a wonderful & exciting start for Diana Dreger Designs.

Don't Call It a Comeback.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. With so much confusion, fear, and anxiety due to a global pandemic and other social issues, it's no surprise that a lot of us were happy to close the chapter on year 2020 and welcome in a new year. Full of new opportunities and hopeful optimism, a new year brings a lot of excitement. With a renewed passion and zest for design and styling, we are excited to launch a new website for Diana Dreger Designs.

A lot of businesses often face times defined by pivoting, others defined by growth, and moments best defined as a rebirth. Just as the flowers re-bloom in the Spring, Diana Dreger Designs is venturing into Spring 2021 with a lot of room to grow and new ideas blooming. And we're excited to welcome you into the process, and thank you for supporting us through it all over the years.

Diana Dreger Designs is venturing into 2022 with a lot of room to grow & new ideas blooming.

Welcome to Diana Dreger Designs.

With all of that said, we'd like to officially welcome you to the new Diana Dreger Designs! With the same passion for floral design and styling, a strong commitment to providing a quality customer service experience, and the goal of bringing more joy and beauty to our client's lives, Diana Dreger Designs is excited for a fresh start! Our service offering is remaining the same, but we've excited to venture back into the retail space, curating a collection of home decor items to help you surround yourself with beauty. Whether you're looking for floral design services for an upcoming celebration, or to add a new classic decor piece to your home, Diana Dreger Designs is the destination.

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Written by Diana

Diana is the floral designer & stylist behind Diana Dreger Designs. With over 30 years of experience, Diana's goal is to bring more beauty, joy, and happiness to her client's lives.

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